Smack in the middle of early voting, our youth leaders met to explore the importance of elections and how youth, regardless of age or legal status voting eligibility, can still be involved in the electoral process.

Throughout the day, they heard from multiple guest speakers including Dr. Zafron, President of the Texas Medical Board.  Shortly after, four panelists joined us to discuss how success and civic engagement can go hand in hand. We heard from a physician, attorney, engineer, and Ph.D research consultant- all respected individuals in their line of work. The common theme was that through their level of expertise and passion, they were able to funnel energy into advocating for the communities they cared about by continuing to be civically engaged.


One of the most exciting parts of the day including MARCHING TO THE POLLS (ok, the polls were just upstairs, but the chants and signs made it a real march.) Three students, alongside more seasoned SEIU members, voted for the first time! Media was present to get their perspective on why they voted and why more youth, if possible, should take advantage of their voting rights.



In the later half of the day, we had two Texas State Representatives speak. Their insider perspective was interesting as both fiercely recommended that students be involved in the electoral process as much as possible.


Hope to see you at our next event!


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